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  1. Julie C. commented on Question 28

    A dashboard can be a powerful, powerful tool if done right. I have seen a few too many dashboards that include metrics with no real implications or learnings attached so I can see why a small percentage don't find value. Work with your team to identify key performance indicators (KPIs) that map back to your objectives/goals and that will help drive actionable decisions.
  2. Julie C. commented on BRAND THINKING

    Totally agree - a brand isn't just what marketing makes of it. It needs to be a sum of all of it's parts to be true. However, there needs to be a clear distinction between contributions and accountability to avoid inertia in decision making.
  3. Julie C. commented on Marketers split on how controlled the process should be

    This is dead on with my agency experience. We want to create a consistent brand message, but we can't control what consumers say in their social circles (on or offline). I believe we can control how our brands interact and what they stand for, and with that control, we can effectively JOIN the conversation instead of trying to steer it.