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C.C. Chapman is speaker, storyteller and entrepreneur. He is the Co-Author of the best selling book Content Rules and the Founder of DigitalDads.com. He has done award winning marketing and social media work for a variety of clients including The Coca-Cola Company, HBO, Discovery Channel and American Eagle Outfitters. He is a lifelong New Englander, avid photographer and graduate of Bentley University.

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  1. C.C. C. commented on Chart no. 18 - Polarizing Debates

    I'd really like to see some comments on how they deem something effective. Just from a curiosity stand point.
  2. C.C. C. commented on Chart no. 9 - Forging New Solutions

    I wonder if having such a clear majority against QR codes here if their hype will perhaps start dying down. I sure hope so.
  3. C.C. C. The social media trinity

  4. C.C. C. commented on The social media trinity

    Of course this makes me VERY happy to see with Content based marketing coming out on top.
  5. C.C. C. commented on Chart no. 3 - Forces at Work

    Pam, I have to agree with you. They say it is important because they know they must do it, but how many are really doing it right and making it a true integrated part of all their work?
  6. C.C. C. commented on Chart no. 2 - Branding In Transition

    SO happy to see this. I've spent years screaming at people to break down the silos and it is great to see this so one sides.
  7. C.C. C. commented on Chart no. 1 - Branding in Transition

    I have such mixed feelings about this. Yes, getting the consumer involved in projects is a major shift and VERY important, but I'm shocked to see that the majority says it trumps a well planned out creative idea. I wonder if the word "agency" in the question is what really made people vote the way they did.