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Stephen is founder and chief executive of LocaModa Inc., a place-based social media company. Prior to LocaModa, he was a founder of Symbian, the mobile operating system provider. Prior to Symbian, Stephen was President of Psion Software, which he helped build into a global licensing business. Before venturing into mobile and social technology, Stephen developed the world's first digital guitar, for which he received a British Design Award from HRH Prince Phillip.

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  1. Stephen R. commented on Question 22

    One of the biggest (and currently unresolved) challenges that media fragmentation presents is knowing where and how to get cross platform and/or cross channel solutions in a siloed agency environment.
  2. Stephen R. commented on TRADITIONAL MEDIA CHANNELS

    Attention is the currency. Sometimes (as much as I hate to admit it) that currency is lean back and traditional. The difference today is that we consume multi-channel media (i.e. we still can't assume traditional is dying - it's evolving) - so I'm more inclined to watch TV with my smart phone or tablet than choose to consume one channel.