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Michelle's past includes traveling the world with Vogue and Vanity Fair, living in four countries, running a web company in London, and producing interactive campaigns for some of the world's top brands as an Interactive Producer at Hill Holliday. Today, she runs social media company, LoveTheCool. LoveTheCool is also a popular fashion, music and tech blog. Michelle is a Style and Nightlife blogger for CBS.com, a speaker for HyperIsland Master Class, runs the popular Facebook Pages Secret Boston and is currently helping bring Vogue's Fashion's Night Out to Boston.

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    Agency generated ideas are the jumping off point - crowd sourcing the response is where the magic happens.
  2. Michelle M. commented on Potential implications and thought-starters

    Just look at Facebook. If it's done honestly with passionate people on board, it's the secret to astounding success.
  3. Michelle M. commented on EFFECTIVE CAMPAIGNS

    I totally agree with Gareth and would add that having a really solid plan that you're not at all attached to, so that you can experiment as the engagement develops, could create magic.
  4. Michelle M. commented on TRADITIONAL MEDIA CHANNELS

    That is such a good point, Thomas! It is the structure of the traditional agency that insists on the distinction, since it relies so heavily on taxonomy in practice and philosophy in order to feel in control.
  5. Michelle M. commented on TRADITIONAL MEDIA CHANNELS

    Traditional and new media is in the process of melding, so there's no way there days are numbered. New media depends on trad media, still. It's an evolution. The days are numbered for the traditional media marketers, companies, whatever that refuse to 'go with the flow'. Those who resist, usually out of pride and insecurity, will lose.
  6. Michelle M. commented on HOW BRANDS GET CREATED

    There are so many problems with what Netflix did, but you never know - maybe it's brilliant, except... if the lack of due diligence w/ the Twitter account is any indication, then no one over there is thinking. Sounds like the classic case of decisions being made by committee by people completely out of touch with what's happening on the street.
  7. Michelle M. commented on Branding in transition

    Obsessing over consistency shows a lack of confidence. The more a brand believes in itself because it knows it's authentic, the more it's able to reinvent naturally, in a way that makes sense. It all happens for real...
  8. Michelle M. commented on EXECUTION & DETAIL

    I'm so surprised at these stats. The conversation is so much more important. And overmanagement of that conversation is disastrous. Imagine managing real life conversations like that? You end up w/ no friends.
  9. Michelle M. commented on HOW BRANDS GET CREATED

    The fundamentals have totally changed. It's not a broadcast but a conversation. Can't imagine a bigger change...
  10. Michelle M. commented on BRAND MESSAGING

    50/50. Winners will be the guys who can do both, equally.
  11. Michelle M. commented on The social media trinity

    Makes sense. Without content you don't need policies or customer service.
  12. Michelle M. commented on Revolution? Or evolution?

    ... there are going to be some big winners, just very few. The cool thing is it's a true meritorcracy. The winners are / will be the ones who engage honestly. That's awesome news for the future.
  13. Michelle M. commented on Revolution? Or evolution?

    The thing is, we are at a time of revolutionary change. It's just that most people cannot adapt to the change, since the change requires authentic, personal behavioral changes - not systemic, organizational changes.
  14. Michelle M. commented on COMPANY MESSAGING

    If you genuinely intend on real conversation with your user / customer then you have to surrender control of the conversation and just engage. Imagine what it's like when you try to control a conversation in real life - it's completely anti-social - do it enough and no one wants to talk to you. Just remember the same social rules apply online as off. Share, listen, be nice, don't lie and you'll be all set.