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  1. Marty A. commented on TRADITIONAL MEDIA CHANNELS

    Back from world trip. Context: humans organize in two types of networks - formal (traditional media) and informal (user assembled global text/Face/Tweet clouds). Traditional always about 10% of combined network. User WOM always much larger than TV ads. I just saw MASSIVE growth in traditional paper ads (print, posters, stickers above urinals in mens rooms, billboards, etc) - that ask people to "text in" for some activity. This in places where annual income 1/5 of US. Multiply by 6 billion mobile devices. See future. US is behind. Only US brand I saw was Coke. Big brands are Euro centered telcos (Orange) and everything Chinese. US passive geo-location does not involve users, but tracks them passively often secretly ROW respects users by engaging them in the process. ROW building more interactive community, with traditional media as clear, focusing, honest backbone.
  2. Marty A. commented on Branding in transition

    Hard data show that more than 80% of companies fail over period of 10-20 years. And most of the survivors merge to avoid bankruptcy. Therefore, how many "strong brands" could there ever have been? Brand is how a company lives its life IN the market community. It is not how it describes itself in cocktail parties and elevators. "DAYS" of strong brands are measured in YEARS.
  3. Marty A. commented on BRAND THINKING

    Yes, and that includes customers. They are more than 90% of the people in your "organization".
  4. Marty A. commented on BRAND MESSAGING

    Consistency of valueS are important, but you can't create consistent values with media. You execute your values on the ground millions of times per day in the physical world. If you prove values to user, then media messaging is easy. Show them pretty picture so they think of you. If your value in physical world is not great, then all the media in the world will do no good. "Authenticity" is the real deal, and that does not happen in messaging level alone.
  5. Marty A. commented on COMPANY MESSAGING

    Not a choice. They never really had control. That's illusion. Now with most of human species wired, the conversation is controlled by them See Toyota hype storm of 2010. Only 2 cars proven to accelerate on own (floor mats, not electronics). But hype storm had real effect. Control is wasted energy in fantasy. Messaging should be be about listening. Use clear push message to stimulate response, then listen carefully to response.
  6. Marty A. commented on TRADITIONAL MEDIA CHANNELS

    Define 'traditional". US is 4% of the world population. TV is really big here. Rest of world never had legacy of TV and similar traditional channels. ROW now has 4 billion mobile devices and on SMS (very traditional) carries many times the messaging carried on legacy channels in US. Brand can be local and global at same time. Use all channels, but let users pull tailored message to them. Push dead.