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Dave is a 20+ year marketing veteran who has overseen strategic and creative development for clients such as Avery Dennison, Bank of Boston, Freedom Communications, Hilton, and KFC. His work has received nearly every national advertising award, including Communication Arts, Print and The One Show. In 2009, Dave cofounded MEDL Mobile with the vision of building a creatively driven, strategically sound mobile development shop. Today MEDL's clients include Monster.com, Emirates Airlines, Kaiser Permanente, Teleflora and the New York Times Company. In July of 2011, MEDL became a publicly traded company.

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  1. David S. commented on Agencies most tuned into new marketing concepts and tools

    Yes. As it should be. A marketing department needs to know a whole lot more than marketing. They need to understand the strategic drivers for the business, the competitive set, the customers, etc. A good marketing director just doesn't have time to keep their finger on everything that's happening on the horizon. It's the agency's job to be out there on the forefront, scavenging for exciting new nuggets.
  2. David S. commented on Chart no. 14 - Polarizing Debates

    This is a really funny one to me. I think this chart shows more about what today's clients think of their agencies - versus what agencies think of themselves. I think you could phrase this same question another way and see similar results - "Do you think the agency is worth what you are paying them or would it be easier to pay less for the work - and have more of it to sift through?"
  3. David S. commented on Chart no. 12 - Polarizing Debates

    My gut tells me not to trust this result, but the research is hard to argue with. Well, within a slight margin of error.
  4. David S. commented on The brand development process must be opened up

    I was particularly drawn to the stats about the number of CMOs who weren't interested in mobile or who had tried it and found that it didn't work. Personally, I'd like to add a giant asterisk to that statement. I'd say that mobile apps that are simply extensions of old thinking don't work. The brands that are finding ways to use mobile for what it's good at are seeing amazing results. I suppose it's like any creative medium. If you produce a bad tv spot, you will probably go to your grave swearing that tv advertising doesn't work. The fact is, we live in an age where experimentation is both affordable and critical for brands to break out of the pack. Okay, you tried an app and it didn't work. I promise you, the 40% of the US market using a smartphone isn't slowing down their app consumption. Maybe you should try harder next time. :)
  5. David S. commented on The social media trinity

    Agreed. Asking people to visit a page and like a brand (except in rare and enviable circumstances) just isn't going to work. But put a piece of real content in front of them, and you've got shot at starting a real discussion. Hey, wait a minute. I'm feeling like a living M.C. Escher drawing. I'm creating content to help market a marketing firm by commenting on the power of content-based marketing. Someone at Mechanica must be wicked smart.
  6. David S. commented on Branding in transition

    I think Ted was onto something in terms of offering up a broader definition of consistency. I would completely agree that consistently using the same typeface, layout or photographer is silly these days. Consumer's don't remember the tiny details that art directors and brand managers have traditionally fought to protect. But I'd argue that a consistent vision is paramount these days. How a creative team or a crowd sourced team executes against a vision is wide open. But if everyone isn't at least marching towards the same bright light, it's just noise.