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David is considered to be a highly influential voice on the subject of social media for business and has nearly 70,000 combined subscribers to his blog (Logic+Emotion) and Twitter stream. Prior to Edelman, David was a part of the founding team of social business consultancy Dachis Group. He writes industry perspectives for the Harvard Business Review and co-founded the 'Allhat' event series billed by SXSW as being populated by 'the most respected voices in digital'.

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  1. Thomas K. commented on THE BEST PARTNERS ARE

    Specialists are worthless unless they're coordinated i.e. INTEGRATED. I get relevant specialists for each project. I listen to them, but someone has to choose which specialties should take part in the first place! True, the pace of change has created space for people who are super specialized to have a direct relationship with brands. But would you really go and buy ONLY for instance Social Media without trying to integrate it with the rest of your communication? No.
  2. Thomas K. commented on BRAND THINKING

    Every surface, every aspect, every person conveys brand. Whether we want to or not. It's evident that all parts of the organizations take part. The role of marketing is to measure and influence, wherever branding happens. To be aware of all aspects, not just the ones that marketing has dealt with in the past.
  3. Thomas K. commented on BRAND MESSAGING

    I'd say it's even more important NOW to look for consistency. At the same time, new tools and channels allow you to address people in different contexts, and you need to adapt to that. It's like the consistency now happens at a higher level of abstraction.
  4. Thomas K. commented on HOW BRANDS GET CREATED

    The basic premises - psychology, human interaction - are still the same. Sometimes though it is hard to see how they apply in new channels. It takes time for new tools to "settle in" into human society, but once they have they become eerily recognizable, tending to old needs.
  5. Thomas K. commented on COMPANY MESSAGING

    It's the shift from "talking to" to "conversing with". There's no way any longer to "control" a conversation.
  6. Thomas K. commented on EXECUTION & DETAIL

    I would beg to differ, a little. It's obvious that great execution is important, but at the same time it's really important to be flexible. These days the very foundations of a marketing project can change at the last minute. Flexibility is really the key.
  7. Thomas K. commented on TRADITIONAL MEDIA CHANNELS

    I agree with Michelle. I really don't like to make a distinction. It's the structure of "classic advertising agencies" that create an artficial need to distinguish between "old" and "digital" media. To me it's all communication. What channels you select should be decided by the individual needs of each project.