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    ?Chrome Tailor made Tabs Last updated by Paul Kinlan: Friday May 6, 2016. What are Chrome Custom made Tabs? Application builders face a choice when a consumer taps a URL to either launch a browser, or produce their individual in-app browser making use of WebViews. Both equally solutions current challenges — launching the browser is mostly a heavy context switch that isn't customizable, even while WebViews don't share state with the browser and insert maintenance overhead. Chrome Custom made Tabs give applications a lot more control over their online expertise, and make transitions somewhere between indigenous and world-wide-web content added seamless without having to resort to the WebView. Chrome Custom made Tabs let an application to customize how Chrome looks and feels. An application can change things like: Toolbar color Enter and exit animations Insert customized steps to the Chrome toolbar, overflow menu and bottom toolbar Chrome Personalized Tabs also let the dev