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Over the last 28 years, Edward has helped define Mullen's creative standards, established its PR group, integrated digital design and production into all operations, and launched its social influence practice. Now, as Chief Innovation Officer, he focuses on emerging technologies, social platforms and changing media habits to develop innovative ideas and influence the agency's ongoing transformation. Edward speaks frequently on industry trends; writes a popular blog called Creativity_Unbound; serves on the board at both Boulder Digital Works and Spring Partners, makers of the Springpad application.

Edward’s Live Feed

  1. Edward B. commented on COMPANY MESSAGING

    Nothing is this black and white. Influence today comes from letting go to a certain degree.
  2. Edward B. commented on TRADITIONAL MEDIA CHANNELS

    It's never an either or. The new channels are on their way to being the traditional channels.
  3. Edward B. commented on Chart no. 2 - Branding In Transition

    There is no way you will get multiple, allegedly best of breed, agencies to work seamlessly together. How can you be best of breed when we live and operate in a marketplace where everything is interdependent?
  4. Edward B. commented on Chart no. 2 - Branding In Transition

    What's missing from this is the fact that we really need to involve the consumer, not just the entire organization. In fact, the old model, R&D comes up with something based on its possibilities, then hands it to marketing to craft a story is the reverse order of what we should do. Only start with the marketplace first. Then figure out the product. And, of course, the story gets baked in.
  5. Edward B. commented on Chart no. 1 - Branding in Transition

    Have to agree. Old tools were creating ridiculous icons like Pillsbury Dough Boy because there were so many layers between a brand and its customers. Far removed from the market place or bazaar. Now, with social, we have direct contact. As we once knew our butcher and cobbler, we can now know brands. Marketers have to master new tools of engagement and for many it's easier said than done.