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  2. Srdjan T. commented on Potential implications and thought-starters

    In my humble opinion, the big idea is still present but it is transforming from being just a creative idea for a campaign to planing out the whole process of advertising. It is still there, but it's not appreciated as before. Maybe in the future the big idea will be extinct because of the rise of real-time social media ads and the always rising number of product based ads, just for the sole purpose of selling?
  3. Srdjan T. commented on Agencies most tuned into new marketing concepts and tools

    Completely agree with you David. Maybe a lack of communication and research is the reason why CMOs aren't interested, or don't believe in the effectiveness of mobile based aps.
  4. Srdjan T. commented on Questions remain regarding social media and content-based marketing generating ROI

    Oh well i just didn't see this one coming. Mobile aps and location based mobile services are a new thing, and like every new thing, you need to make it work for yourself and experiment. I'm sure this will be proven very wrong in the near future.
  5. Srdjan T. Chart no. 8 - Forging New Solutions

  6. Srdjan T. commented on Thinking more holistically tops the priority list

    All the big names are holistically branded. Having a universal brand image everywhere you advertise is most important for long-term positioning on the market.
  7. Srdjan T. commented on Revolution? Or evolution?

    I agree with Erin, the fundamentals will always stay the same, but the way we distribute or ideas are changing due to the uprising of technology, and how consumers connect with companies.