The brand development process must be opened up

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  1. David Dewhirst Co-Owner, Software Engineer of ThreeTwelve Creative

    According to Marissa Mayer, Google ran 6,000 experiments on their sites in 2010 (courtesy of @cindygallop at the WITI summit). Obviously just about no one has the resources that Google does, for experimentation or otherwise.... but future-proofing requires future-thinking.

  2. Pam Spevak President and Owner of Brainchild Advisors

    Agreed. This issue goes back to the early days of television when it was perceived as little more than radio with pictures. Seems not much has changed since then - much of the business world needs to be dragged kicking and screaming into the reality of disruptive technologies. You'd think with 40% of the US market embracing mobile apps they wouldn't need that much convincing. Is it fear? Inertia? Mediocrity? Beats me...

  3. David Swartz Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of MEDL Mobile

    I was particularly drawn to the stats about the number of CMOs who weren't interested in mobile or who had tried it and found that it didn't work. Personally, I'd like to add a giant asterisk to that statement. I'd say that mobile apps that are simply extensions of old thinking don't work. The brands that are finding ways to use mobile for what it's good at are seeing amazing results. I suppose it's like any creative medium. If you produce a bad tv spot, you will probably go to your grave swearing that tv advertising doesn't work. The fact is, we live in an age where experimentation is both affordable and critical for brands to break out of the pack. Okay, you tried an app and it didn't work. I promise you, the 40% of the US market using a smartphone isn't slowing down their app consumption. Maybe you should try harder next time. :)

  4. Pam Spevak President and Owner of Brainchild Advisors

    Not surprising - these data points reflect the downside of the standard corporate silo structure, which is the bane of so many industries. Too many companies giving too much lip service to trying to forge change and really just playing at it. They'll learn the hard way.