Chart no. 1 - Branding in Transition

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  1. David Fabbri VP, Creative Director of LoSasso

    On the third question, I'm not surprised to see such a high percentage saying: "The days of strategic consistency are over. It’s all about inspiration and engagement," since everyone has (quite rightly) identified the importance of engaging consumers in relevant and inspiring ways. But I think the question is flawed - these things aren't mutually exclusive. Being relevant, exciting and interesting doesn't preclude a sound consistent strategic footing.

  2. Edward Boches Chief Innovation Officer of Mullen

    Have to agree. Old tools were creating ridiculous icons like Pillsbury Dough Boy because there were so many layers between a brand and its customers. Far removed from the market place or bazaar. Now, with social, we have direct contact. As we once knew our butcher and cobbler, we can now know brands. Marketers have to master new tools of engagement and for many it's easier said than done.

  3. C.C. Chapman Co-Author of Content Rules

    I have such mixed feelings about this. Yes, getting the consumer involved in projects is a major shift and VERY important, but I'm shocked to see that the majority says it trumps a well planned out creative idea. I wonder if the word "agency" in the question is what really made people vote the way they did.