Revolution? Or evolution?

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  1. Eric Hyman CMO of The Partnership

    I think you need to filter this through a good marketers lens. Of course, so much of what we do has changed. But purists also know that basic brand rules have not changed at all. The message still needs to be relevant. And it needs to be credible. So that aspect hasn't changed. So I think that is where the divide exists. I don't think anyone worth their salt in marketing doesn't recognize the drastic change. It's just that many of those people still believe the fundamentals have not. So maybe those on the latter end are the more progressive thinkers of the bunch?

  2. Srdjan Toljagic Managing Editor of Branding Magazine

    I agree with Erin, the fundamentals will always stay the same, but the way we distribute or ideas are changing due to the uprising of technology, and how consumers connect with companies.

  3. Michelle McCormack Facebook Expert / Speaker / Blogger of LoveTheCool

    ... there are going to be some big winners, just very few. The cool thing is it's a true meritorcracy. The winners are / will be the ones who engage honestly. That's awesome news for the future.

  4. Michelle McCormack Facebook Expert / Speaker / Blogger of LoveTheCool

    The thing is, we are at a time of revolutionary change. It's just that most people cannot adapt to the change, since the change requires authentic, personal behavioral changes - not systemic, organizational changes.

  5. Erin Estep Research Analyst, Reputation Management Strategies of SiriusDecisions

    i don't think these ideas are mutually exclusive or oppositional. the fundamentals do remain the same ( concepts like trust and authenticity continue to rule, particularly in the b2b world where i "live"), but the way we forge these connections with customers is changing radically and quickly.