Question 21

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  1. Lawrence Wilkinson Chairman of HEMINGE & CONDELL

    Surely, more bankable information on performance is better... but beware the "drunk looking for his car keys" problem: when a drunk loses his car keys at night, where does he look? He looks where there's light... which is, of course, not necessarily where the keys are. Similarly, at a time like this-- when metrics are only just emerging, are unevenly available across platforms/channels, and are still evolving toward usefulness-- we have to be careful not be be buying/navigating by metrics as opposed to the outcomes that they're supposed to (but not yet really ready to) measure. I've watched concern with measuring ROI skew campaigns skew to more metrics-intensive media (and away from less-measurable). There are surely some cases in which those more-measurable media are also the *right* media. But there are some in which they palpably aren't... and in the end, it's all about find the keys, whether they're in the light or not.

  2. Micah Donahue Principal, Contact Strategy Director of Mechanica

    While a great degree of marketing-induced actions will continue to be unattributable, it's great to see methodologies start to look at brand audit metrics, purchase path analysis, and social influence factors.