Question 21

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  1. Ted Nelson CEO/Strategy Director of Mechanica

    Really interesting comment on importance of assessing "Barriers to Exit." Especially when looking to steal share from an incumbent, which is so often the case. Makes me think that one way to define an interesting market opportunity is to identify strength of exit barriers. Big markets that aren't so hard to leave are potentially markets worth thinking about. Although I suppose that also defines many commodity markets.

  2. Lawrence Wilkinson Chairman of HEMINGE & CONDELL

    A word of caution: "Declining importance" here may be more impactful than this ranking suggests, if only because most of the money/resources in the marketing environment are in the hands of incumbent companies experienced in and organized for those traditional channels... Making the transition to emerging new channels requires of these incumbents not only that (like new entrants) they "get the new media right"; it also requires that they manage the extremely difficult process of migrating away from their old skills/assets/habits. In times like these, "Barriers to Exit" are as important as-- or more important than-- Barriers to Entry.