Market driven or not?

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  1. Pam Spevak President and Owner of Brainchild Advisors

    Erin, I would love to agree with you. But If you look at the media and entertainment industries, those in power have consistently and successfully resisted change for much longer than market forces and common sense would suggest they could (change, by the way, which almost universally came from outside of the industry because of that desire to preserve the status quo). Just look at the music business. It's amazing the lengths one will go to to protect a fat salary and bonus.

  2. Erin Estep Research Analyst, Reputation Management Strategies of SiriusDecisions

    the one constant factor throughout human history has been progress. despite efforts to conserve and preserve out of fear, comfort, and complacency, progress marches on and those people and businesses who have the flexibility of mind and competency to leverage new tools within an existing conceptual framework are the ones who establish norms, best-practices and (thus) leadership positions.