Chart no. 2 - Branding In Transition

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  1. Edward Boches Chief Innovation Officer of Mullen

    There is no way you will get multiple, allegedly best of breed, agencies to work seamlessly together. How can you be best of breed when we live and operate in a marketplace where everything is interdependent?

  2. Edward Boches Chief Innovation Officer of Mullen

    What's missing from this is the fact that we really need to involve the consumer, not just the entire organization. In fact, the old model, R&D comes up with something based on its possibilities, then hands it to marketing to craft a story is the reverse order of what we should do. Only start with the marketplace first. Then figure out the product. And, of course, the story gets baked in.

  3. C.C. Chapman Co-Author of Content Rules

    SO happy to see this. I've spent years screaming at people to break down the silos and it is great to see this so one sides.

  4. Pam Spevak President and Owner of Brainchild Advisors

    This has always been true - brand thinking has to permeate every aspect of an organization because every point of customer contact is a brand defining, brand impacting opportunity. Branding is also a critical element of corporate culture - if your employees don't get your brand, how will your customers?