Potential implications and thought-starters

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  1. Michelle McCormack Facebook Expert / Speaker / Blogger of LoveTheCool

    Just look at Facebook. If it's done honestly with passionate people on board, it's the secret to astounding success.

  2. Pam Spevak President and Owner of Brainchild Advisors

    I'm with you, Erin. Your last point, I think, is the critical one - you can't measure the impact of campaigns that are never developed for fear they may fail. Permission to fail is absolutely critical. One of the great advantages of digital media is the relatively low cost of experimentation and iteration. Companies need to understand that if you never fail, you're playing it too safe. And a campaign or execution that doesn't work the way it was hoped or anticipated is only an abject failure if there's nothing to learn from it.

  3. Erin Estep Research Analyst, Reputation Management Strategies of SiriusDecisions

    very important. maybe more aptly described as a "test, FAIL and learn" culture. permission to fail is permission to innovate. you can measure the impact of successful marketing campaigns that are a product of an "innovation marketing" group (we have seen this in a few of our enterprise clients); you can't measure the impact of innovative campaigns that are never developed for fear that they may fail.