Potential implications and thought-starters

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  1. Pam Spevak President and Owner of Brainchild Advisors

    This goes back to the silo point that has been made elsewhere by me and others. The hurdle is systemic - unless working across silos/departments/functions is part of the corporate culture, job descriptions and, to be really crass about it, compensation, it won't happen. This is going on as we speak in many traditional media companies, particularly print. Unless the cross functionality becomes a CEO mandate with senior executive buy-in, and unless compensation and advancement is based on playing by the new rules, it just doesn't happen.

  2. Erin Estep Research Analyst, Reputation Management Strategies of SiriusDecisions

    the development of cross-functional teams, facilitated by corporate communications, all of whom have a stake in the brand: sales, product, HR, investor relations, customer service, etc. building the business case and eliciting participation is the primary barrier to success in this area that we see in the b2b world, where CorpComm is often just a senior PR professional running PR/AR/IR as an independently spinning wheel.