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  1. Michelle McCormack Facebook Expert / Speaker / Blogger of LoveTheCool

    I totally agree with Gareth and would add that having a really solid plan that you're not at all attached to, so that you can experiment as the engagement develops, could create magic.

  2. Amy Cueva Founder and CXO of Mad*Pow

    The long tail presents many opportunities in segmentation and positioning, many ideas in various forms, strategies and sizes are needed. Success comes in being able to react quickly to wins and amplify/share them effectively.

  3. Ted Nelson CEO/Strategy Director of Mechanica

    Eric has mentioned your "light many fires" credo many times. Good advice Gareth.

  4. Gareth Kay Chief Strategy Officer, Associate Partner of Goodby, Silverstein and Partners

    In today's world, success is more likely to come from experimentation than planning

  5. Ted Nelson CEO/Strategy Director of Mechanica

    A client once said "The days of the 'light switch brands' are over." Meaning, the goal of having a big integrated campaign all launch at once, with ducks lined up in a row is both hard to achieve and perhaps not worth the effort since it may end-up feeling overly commercial. Versus more authentic forms of engagement naturally occur over time in a much more organic manner.