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  1. Marty Anderson Faculty of Babson College

    Consistency of valueS are important, but you can't create consistent values with media. You execute your values on the ground millions of times per day in the physical world. If you prove values to user, then media messaging is easy. Show them pretty picture so they think of you. If your value in physical world is not great, then all the media in the world will do no good. "Authenticity" is the real deal, and that does not happen in messaging level alone.

  2. Erdal Bezaroglu Founder & CEO of Kurshuni,Inc.

    Have a Character and stick with it.

  3. Amy Cueva Founder and CXO of Mad*Pow

    The inspiration and engagement can play a critical role when looking at awareness, discovery of new brands and experiences for consumers. It's a good story. The long-term success then comes into play as the consistency of that inspiration and engagement continues.

  4. Thomas Krotkiewski CEO of Othersource

    I'd say it's even more important NOW to look for consistency. At the same time, new tools and channels allow you to address people in different contexts, and you need to adapt to that. It's like the consistency now happens at a higher level of abstraction.

  5. Michelle McCormack Facebook Expert / Speaker / Blogger of LoveTheCool

    50/50. Winners will be the guys who can do both, equally.