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  1. Thomas Krotkiewski CEO of Othersource

    I would beg to differ, a little. It's obvious that great execution is important, but at the same time it's really important to be flexible. These days the very foundations of a marketing project can change at the last minute. Flexibility is really the key.

  2. Ted Nelson CEO/Strategy Director of Mechanica

    Yes, I too was initially shocked. But when you think about it, this represents a really major shift for corporate marketing. Their job has traditionally been about controlling the message, which is all about execution. As the job description shifts to inspiring and facilitating a conversation (although likely one with guard rails) the role is more important than ever. But the task changes significantly. We're all slow to change...

  3. Michelle McCormack Facebook Expert / Speaker / Blogger of LoveTheCool

    I'm so surprised at these stats. The conversation is so much more important. And overmanagement of that conversation is disastrous. Imagine managing real life conversations like that? You end up w/ no friends.

  4. David Armano EVP, Global Innovation & Integration of Edelman Digita

    Not enough emphasis on execution but with measurement being more accessible via digital, more important than ever.