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About the Branding Forward Project

Navigating a branding world in the midst of transition

Mechanica came into being in 2004 to better align the mechanics of creating successful brands with rapidly changing consumer, technology, and competitive landscapes.

In a continued effort to evolve in what remains a very fluid environment, we have partnered with Fast Company to launch the Branding Forward Project. This project focuses on the dramatic changes impacting marketing and brand development today, with the goal of sharing knowledge and capitalizing on opportunities.

First, interviews with branding pros and practitioners explored current issues and opportunities.

And now, quantitative data from over 600 Fast Company readers in marketing and senior leadership positions has been collected and is being analyzed. Now offers full access to survey results, and the chance to engage with others around this information.

By sharing this data in a way that encourages exploration and dialogue, we hope to provide a useful tool to the entire branding community. We intend to leave the survey open over time, allowing us to continually update the findings based on fresh input and changing needs.

Thank you very much for helping us push Branding Forward.

Branding Forward Project

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